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Change, resiliency, and personal growth are within the reach of every person at any age. Many people benefit from therapy to enrich the quality of their life and to acquire more fulfillment and satisfaction. For some people, therapy can be a vulnerable process, which often starts during times of emotional pain. In our sessions, I will provide a safe and accepting environment in which we will collaborate to identify and achieve your individual goals. I will support you through a journey in which you will identify which coping patterns are no longer helpful, expand your perspectives, consider new possibilities, and integrate these skills and insights to create the changes you want to see in your life.

By developing a healthy relationship with ourselves through self-care and acceptance we can improve our overall wellbeing, the ability to interact more effectively with others, and to build and sustain healthier relationships.

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About Me

I am licensed in New York State as a Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). In addition to my private practice in Midtown Manhattan, I see clients at a community mental health clinic in the Lower East Side. I value collaboration and confidentiality and I view the therapeutic alliance as sacred and as essential to healing. I strive to be attuned to each individual's specific needs and my clients find me to be thoughtful, invested, and encouraging.

My approach to treatment is based on relational models and contemporary psychodynamic theories. To ensure the most effective treatment, when appropriate, I integrate cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) and mindfulness skills. I practice a trauma-informed counseling and follow a strength-based approach.

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Aviva Bauer, LMHC

I received my Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adler University in Chicago. While in Chicago, I completed a diagnostic practicum at the Wellness Center of Truman College, and an internship at a domestic violence shelter, where I developed a strong interest in the long lasting effects of early childhood trauma. I hold a Level 1 certification in Complex Trauma Treatment and I have been helping many individuals to overcome adverse childhood experiences. I presented on the role of Attachment in counseling survivors of sexual trauma, titled "Childhood Demons and the Courage to Cope", at conferences in Chicago (2015), Albany (2016), and New York City (2020).



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